We work with some of the leading high performance centres in the world.

Michael Johnson Performance use STATSports

Our partnership with the Michael Johnson Performance Center will see the STATSports Viper system being used to prepare some of the worlds most gifted athletes as they get ready for everything from the NFL

Michael Jonhson performance use statsports


The STATSports APEX / Viper system incorporates the pod with accompanying software to deliver the most accurate and reliable tool in collecting and measuring training data for each individual athlete or team. The Viper System is regarded as the worlds leading athlete performance analysis system available on the market. STATSports allows coaches to manage athlete training loads right through the entire season to effectively manage athlete conditioning levels and preventing injuries whilst leading up to important competitions.

statsports athletics
The primary metrics presented in STATSports Athletics include:
statsports athletics


Heart Rate Variability

High Metabolic Load Distance



Average Metabolic Power


Dynamic Stress Load

Step Balance


High Speed Running

statsports GPS running