Revolutionary new positioning and wireless communication technology

STATSports brand new, patented MAPPS (Multiple Augmented Performance Positional System) Technology utilises Single Constellation 18Hz GPS or Augmented 10Hz GNSS, further refined utilising Ultra Wideband positional beacons.

APEX Connectivity

MAPPS is a revolutionary new positioning and wireless communication technology for high speed and low power applications. MAPPS provides teams with data accurate to centimetres in any indoor, outdoor or stadium environment using only four miniature, portable beacons, (requires only 2 beacons to augment GPS in stadium use) also ensuring long range and fast communication. MAPPS easily co-exists with other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth without suffering interference making it ideal for use on game day.


In Outdoor environments the Apex uses the standard GPS signal to provide accurate player position data. The Apex utilizes all the most recent advances that are available from the latest GPS technologies to significantly improve overall player position accuracy. The Apex supports a number of satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS) such as WAAS and EGNOS.


wide-area augmentation

An SBAS system is a system that supports wide-area or regional augmentation through the use of additional satellite-broadcast messages. Such systems are commonly composed of multiple ground stations, located at accurately-surveyed points. The ground stations take measurements of one or more of the GNSS satellites, the satellite signals, or other environmental factors which may impact the signal received by the users. Using these measurements, information messages are created and sent to one or more satellites for broadcast to end users, i.e. The Apex.

APEX Indoor

UWB radio positioning

In indoor environment where there is no GPS coverage the Apex uses patent pending UWB radio positioning technology to provide accurate player positioning data. A minimum of 4 portable beacons is all that is required to provide a full and a very accurate positioning system in an indoor environment.


Calculating player positions

The portable beacons can be quickly erected, located in the corners of the indoor environment and the system will auto-calibrate itself to the size of the arena. The Apex will accurately calculate player positions in the area enclosed by the 4 beacons. In larger indoor arenas additional beacons can be added to augment the positioning accuracy of the 4 primary corner beacons.


In some open air stadiums, the GPS signal reception can be momentarily challenged at the edge of the pitch because the overhang on the stadium’s roof can restrict the GPS signal access from all the available satellites. In such situations, Statsports’s UWB positioning technology can be used to augment the Apex’s GPS positioning data.  In the same way that the SBAS systems use ground based stations to augment the accuracy of the GPS signal, Statsports can deploy a small number of UWB beacons around the stadium. 


The Apex when it recognises that the GPS signal quality is challenged will use the UWB positioning technology provided by the beacons to augment the GPS positioning data thereby providing very accurate and reliable data in stadiums.