STATSports Launch New AI-Powered Technology

STATSports Launch New AI-Powered Technology

A paradigm shift in the performance wearable technology industry is on the horizon. The forthcoming unveiling of our new technology will redefine the way practitioners monitor, analyze, and optimize athlete performance. It is the most advanced launch seen in professional sports.

Advanced AI and machine learning have become an integral element of our new device which is built to exploit the huge speed of these modern technological developments.

At the vanguard of this innovation within the performance industry, we have infused advanced precision, innovation, and AI capabilities that will power the next generation of sports science practitioners and champion teams across the world.

Alan Clarke, STATSports CEO:

“AI is not just the future of innovation at STATSports; it’s the cornerstone of everything we do. With our groundbreaking new Apex device, we’ve merged artificial intelligence, accuracy, speed, and automation to redefine athlete monitoring. We’re not just revolutionizing the industry; we’re setting the standard. By incorporating advanced AI algorithms in real-time and post-download data analysis, we’re empowering practitioners to focus less on clunky tasks and become more productive, bringing increased value to their athletes. At STATSports, we’re proud to lead the charge, propelling the industry forward into a new era.”

Introducing the Future of Performance Wearable Technology

At the heart of our innovation lies new, cutting-edge processing power on-board the device.

A double sampling rate of 20Hz, coupled with six times faster processing power and four times more memory capacity, will grant users unparalleled positional accuracy in both outdoor and indoor environments, with advanced AI capabilities also providing deeper analysis tools.

New BLE technology will provide increased connectivity and charging capabilities. Using STATSports will give practitioners access to the most powerful monitoring and analysis tool the industry has ever seen.

Revolutionary New Features

Our wearable technology boasts a myriad of revolutionary features designed to take athlete monitoring and optimization to new heights.

From advanced AI capabilities enabling real-time movement pattern analysis to an ultra-reliable alignment of live and post-session download data, practitioners can now delve deeper into athlete performance with unprecedented accuracy and reliability.

Due to improved product architecture, we will introduce up to 70 new real-time metrics. Our new USB-C will allow coaches to download their sessions in 30 seconds.

This superfast process will further reduce wait times for users and allow for more focus on the athlete data.

Live Data

The only independently peer reviewed live data in the world, with 100% correlation between live and post event (download) data.
This huge increase in processing power more than doubles the amount of real time metrics available to the end users.
Furthermore the 600 times increase in processing means for the first time, on board AI can be applied in real time, opening up an unprecedented level of insight.

Accurate and Reliable Indoor Monitoring

A brand new UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) system, allowing for double the reception range, means users will be able to monitor their athletes in indoor environments. With speeds up to 40 times higher than previous product generations, practitioners will have access to instantaneous and accurate data live and post-session.

Setting New Standards in Innovation with Award-Winning AI

With our award-winning proprietary AI technology, practitioners gain access to a suite of tools that will revolutionize performance optimization, coaching methods, injury prevention, and rehabilitation protocols.

Optimizing Performance

With integrated and sophisticated AI algorithms, practitioners can fine-tune training and game-day performances, with automation making your workflow seamless. Real-time data analysis provides immediate actionable insights, empowering practitioners to maximize player potential with simplicity and efficiency.

Revolutionising Coaching Methods

AI-driven biomechanical analysis capabilities will provide coaches with instantaneous insights into player mechanics and performance. Armed with this knowledge, coaches can refine running techniques, optimize movement efficiency, and unlock hidden athletic potential.

Session Planning & Load Management

A new Session Planning feature, incorporating AI, will aid practitioners’ work in improving injury prevention methods. By analyzing vast historical datasets, our system will detect subtle indicators of fatigue, alerting practitioners, and allowing them the option to intervene before injuries occur. Furthermore, AI-driven recommendations on recovery periods ensure players remain at peak condition.

Improving Return to Play and Rehabilitation

Within Return to Play (RTP) and Rehabilitation protocols, our AI-powered system will aid practitioners in discovering new methodologies. Predictive analytics will identify future outcomes with relative accuracy, streamlining the rehabilitation process and minimizing setbacks. Automated workload management for practitioners will ensure players progress at an optimal pace, maximizing outcomes and safeguarding longevity.

Available Now

This is the future of performance wearable technology, and we invite practitioners to join us in embracing a new era of athlete monitoring and optimization.

With new levels of precision and reliability, added to AI-driven insights, our technology will help practitioners to power a new line of champion athletes, fostering a culture of proactive wellness and performance excellence.

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