New Impacts feature added to STATSports Apex Coach Series GPS platform

New Impacts feature added to STATSports Apex Coach Series GPS platform

In 2020, STATSports’ Apex Coach Series was developed with amateur and grassroots teams in mind, combining the core metrics and features from our elite Pro Series system, with an easy-to-use and affordable GPS solution.

As of 2024, Apex Coach Series users can track up to 19 different player metrics including Max Speed, Total Distance, High Intensity Distance, High Speed Distance, Heart Rate, Sprints, Distance Per Minute, and many more.

Features include Player Comparisons, Pro Benchmarks, and Data Over Time, which allows coaches to identify patterns of results and correlate them with higher (or lower) physical outputs.

Over the last several years, we have strived to work with Apex Coach Series users to ensure that the future development of the system is driven by the coaches and players working with it every day.

Based on that feedback, the latest new feature to be added to the Apex Coach Series system is Impacts.

Defined as quantifying “the number of times your body experiences a tackle or collision”, this innovation opens new possibilities for coaches designing training sessions, improving matchday analysis, and mitigating injury risk.

Enhanced Injury Prevention:

As coaches can now identify, analyse, and manage high-intensity impacts, it allows for a proactive approach to injury prevention.

Data on tackles and collisions enables coaches to design training sessions to minimise the risk of injuries associated with high-impact events.

Optimised Performance

With this data, coaches can fine-tune training sessions to mimic game scenarios, ensuring athletes are well-prepared for the demands of competitive play.

The impacts feature is a powerful tool for identifying areas of improvement for individual players.

Coaches can use impact data to create personalised development plans for their athletes.

In this latest Apex Coach Series update, coaches can now avail of the system in 20 different languages.  Check out the list below

English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Slovenian, Slovak, Norwegian Bokmål, Bulgarian, Arabic, Finish, Greek, Czech, Portuguese

In the ever-evolving landscape of sports coaching, the STATSports Apex Coach Series continues to lead the way.

The addition of the impacts feature not only elevates the product to new heights but also empowers coaches to unlock the full physical performance potential of their athletes.

For coaches seeking a comprehensive GPS solution that bridges the gap between grassroots and elite performance monitoring, the Apex Coach Series is the ultimate game-changer.

Why not avail of a free online demo of the system by clicking here.