Indian National Cricket Team sign with STATSports ahead of World Cup

Indian National Cricket Team sign with STATSports ahead of World Cup

Cricket may be one of the oldest field sports in the world but modern advances in technology have carried the game to new levels.

And the Indian National cricket Team are at the vanguard of that movement. The BCCI have enlisted the help of GPS performance tracking and analysis giant STATSports to make sure Ravi Shastri’s squad is in peak physical condition ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup at the end of May.

The high-resolution units are worn in a baselayer vest and sit in a fitted pocket between the shoulder blades.

They measure hundreds of physical metrics including distance, speed, acceleration, deceleration, high-speed running, and dynamic stress load. And, vitally, allow the fitness team to carefully manage players’ workloads, and injury rehabilitation programmes.

How might that benefit a cricket player? Monitoring accelerations, decelerations and the dynamic stress load becomes incredibly prevalent.

Sprinting between wickets means swift rotation of the ankle and knee joints. Fast bowlers get through an enormous amount of cardio, and can fatigue much quicker, as is a long day in the field.

With a run of matches upcoming in matches ensuring the full squad is in the peak physical condition is paramount to on field success.

STATSports Cofounder & COO Sean O’Connor said the agreement is iconic for the company.

“Cricket is the most popular sport in the South Asian subcontinent and termed as a religion in India. We are very happy to associate with one of the biggest brands in world cricket. We look forward to supporting India to further on-field success for many years to come.”

Mr Jarlath Quinn, Chief Global Strategist with STATSports said: “Over the years we have served the world’s best footballers, rugby & basketball players. With this Indian Cricket deal, we have started our own journey in cricket, and we hope this is the start of other fruitful relationships with international & 1st class cricketers around the world to help them manage their workloads.”

India representative, Pankaj Wankhede, who worked closely on sealing the deal, added: “International cricket has become lot more physically demanding over the years due to tight fixtures. I am happy to see Indian Cricket Team is ahead of the curve implementing the world’s best wearable device for performance monitoring.”

STATSports also offer a consumer device for the everyday athlete so that they can track their own performance. This is available to buy here.