STATSports partner with New Zealand Super Rugby giants the Hurricanes

STATSports partner with New Zealand Super Rugby giants the Hurricanes

The Hurricanes squad will begin work with the revolutionary STATSports technology immediately. The high-resolution units measure physical metrics including distance, speed, acceleration, deceleration, high-speed running, load, and heart rate in training and game day.

And, vitally, will allow the club’s fitness department to carefully manage players’ workloads, and injury rehabilitation programmes.

Head of Physical Performance David Gray comments, “We are obviously excited from a performance perspective because the APEX system will help us more accurately track players in training and in games and allow us to make adjustments in real time,” he said. Gray stressed the system would also be “massively” important in tracking players as they return from injury and rehabilitation.

We believe it will go a long way to bringing them back seamlessly and how much we can load on them. It will also allow us to track accurately exactly how much work a player has done in terms of his running outputs, his contacts, his collisions, his scrum efforts, his density of work to make sure we get the right performance on game day”.

Richard Byrne, STATSports’ Head of Business Development, was delighted with the partnership.

“We have a reputation for working with the very best rugby brands around the world, and they don’t come much bigger than the Hurricanes. STATSports will provide David and his staff with our APEX Pro Series, the world’s most advanced player tracking system, to provide them with in-depth insights into each player’s performance in training and on match day.

“It is an exciting partnership and we look forward to playing our part in helping the team to further on-field successes in the near future,” Byrne concluded.

STATSports also offer a consumer device for the everyday athlete so that they can track their own performance. This is available to buy at