New NBA Season
Tip off!

New NBA Season
Tip off!

As we inch closer to the NBA Tip-off tonight, expert sport scientist David Moley takes a look at some of the main contenders and how they use STATSports Viper throughout the season.

Tonight marks the start of the new NBA season as the quest for the Larry O Brien Championship trophy kicks in to gear. STATSports will be at the forefront of the action this season with new and existing clients hoping to take home the illustrious prize.

When you think of the biggest sports stars in the world, you’ll find that a lot of the top 10 ply their trade in the NBA. LeBron, Kobe, D Wade, Durant, D Rose, John Wall and Paul ‘The Truth’ Pierce are all household names. All too, are paid a lot of money! The NBA is a massive business, an example of which is their latest TV deal extension, worth over $2 billion annually.


STATSports & The NBA

We have enjoyed a fantastic partnership with NBA and D-League teams over the past 2 seasons, and more and more franchises are now recognizing the benefits that the Viper GPS monitoring system can bring to their organization. Our first STATSports head to head of the season takes place tomorrow night as the Charlotte Hornets host the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks will head into the season with fresh optimism following their acquisition of Jabari Parker with the 2nd overall pick in the draft. The Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards and New York Knicks are just some of the other NBA teams embracing the Viper system this season.

How much is too much?

The NBA season (82 games) is only bested by the MLB in terms of the amount of games played (they play 162, yes 162!) and therefore keeping your expensive roster of 15 guys fit and healthy is obviously imperative. Current stars in the league including LeBron, have been calling for a reduction in the amount of games so it’s obvious that players are feeling the strain throughout the season.

STATSports’ clients have been keeping track of every movement of these 15 players since Summer League, giving them a crucial edge when it comes to using Viper systems to monitor and manage the stress load of each practice and keeping the players fit and healthy. Some key metrics being monitored include:

  • Total Distance
  • High Metabolic Load Distance
  • Dynamic Stress Load
  • Accelerations & Decelerations
  • Metres per min
  • Explosive distance
  • Speed intensity


Viper Live

Training sessions can then be tailored and monitored using the STATSports indoor live antenna system, meaning that players are fresh when it matters most, at tip off. The beauty of the STATSports indoor system means that when teams are travelling (and they travel a lot!) they can simply pack the system up along with the rest of their gear and take it with them on the road.

Finally, in what will no doubt be a rollercoaster season, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients the very best of luck in the upcoming season.

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David Moley, Sports Scientist