Shamrock Rovers and Cork City upgrade to STATSports

Shamrock Rovers and Cork City upgrade to STATSports

League of Ireland giants, Shamrock Rovers and Cork City are the latest additions to be kitted out with STATSports’ Apex Pro Series.

Both Rovers and Cork join as clients alongside current champions Dundalk, who have been long term users of STATSports.

STATSports have been working diligently with LOI clubs in the last twelve months and the package deals on offer, in conjunction with regular on-site visits and 24:7 support, has showcased the benefits of switching to Apex.

Shamrock Rovers have seventeen league titles to their name with Head of S&C Darren Dillon commenting on the recent partnership:

“It is vitally important for us to have access to data where we can make informed, on-field decisions about player’s performance. If they’re fatigued, we know to rest them, under performing, we know to challenge them.

“There’s no hiding places and STATSports Apex gives us a platform to understand what the data means. Apex is the only GPS wearable used in the world’s top leagues that met the FIFA standard for data accuracy, reliability and consistency and we are delighted that we are now in this category too.”

Head of S&C at Shamrock Rovers, Darren Dillon monitors players performance during pre season.

Joe Gamble, Assistant First Team manager of 2017 league champions Cork City adds:

“Technology in the game is vital now. You need to acquire the edge over competitors and we believe working with STATSports we can achieve this edge. Now, through daily use of STATSports’ Apex system, we can set training goals and precisely maintain them for optimal load control which we hadn’t been able to do before”.

Both clubs have signed long-term deals and will be using Pro Series ahead of the 2020 season.


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