Virginia Tech Hokies football sign major deal with STATSports

Virginia Tech Hokies football sign major deal with STATSports

NCAA’s Division I side Virginia Tech Hokies Football are the latest team to sign a long-term partnership with STATSports.

Global leaders in sports GPS tracking, the Northern Ireland-based firm will provide Virginia Tech with performance monitoring devices in a long-term deal.

The Hokies Football roster will begin work with the revolutionary Apex tracking device immediately. The high-resolution units measure physical metrics including distance, speed, acceleration, deceleration, high-speed running, load, and heart rate.

And, vitally, allow the team’s fitness department to carefully manage players’ workloads, and injury rehabilitation programmes.

Kody Cooke, Associate Director Strength & Conditioning for Football comments on how valuable STATSports are to his department by saying:

“The STATSports Apex Pod allows us to take a deeper look into our training and practices. It helps us confirm what we as coaches see with our eyes as well as make any individual adjustments necessary to fit our plan moving forward. Knowing what each session should look like allows us to monitor our Return to Play athletes and progress them safely and effectively.”

Emmett Carey, US Sports Performance Manager at STATSports follows on by saying:

“We’re delighted to partner up with Virginia Tech Hokies football, one of the biggest names in college the college game.  We know that our ground-breaking Apex technology will help the Hokies players reach peak condition come game day. Our Apex technology will allow the performance staff to make informed decisions ensuring the players perform at their very best across the season in the College season”.

The Spring season kicks off in April and we can’t wait for that impressive Enter Sandman Entrance!

STATSports also offer a consumer device for the everyday athlete so that they can track their own performance. This is available to buy at