STATSports Launch ‘The Most Powerful Wearable in Sport’

STATSports APEX Promo

STATSports Launch ‘The Most Powerful Wearable in Sport’

STATSports Group Limited are excited to announce the release of our third-generation ‘APEX’ device. ‘APEX’ is the most advanced and powerful athlete performance-tracking device ever released. An advancement on STATSports’ Viper product, APEX integrates the latest, most sophisticated technologies on the market, including; augmented 18Hz GPS, 600Hz accelerometer, MAPPS Technology and Bluetooth LE to create the most accurate and reliable tracking device in the sports technology industry.
Sean O’Connor, COO and Co-founder of STATSports comments:

“The release of APEX is an incredibly exciting time for the company. The feedback from our elite client base and universities who have used and tested the product over recent weeks and months has been phenomenal. APEX has the capability to calculate over 50 metrics in real time on the device, allowing STATSports to provide teams with live metric data that accurately matches post-session download”.
“The incorporation of our brand new MAPPS technology means STATSports can live-stream data accurate to centimeters, indoors, outdoors or in any stadium environment to desktop, iPad or our sleek APEX smartwatch”.

Many clients are already benefiting from using APEX, including Everton FC. Matt Taberner, Head of Sport Science at Everton FC explains the advantages of the new APEX device.
“With APEX, STATSports have once again advanced the field of GPS monitoring. Coherent interaction throughout the development of both hardware and software to provide true user feedback has been crucial to assist in the development of a unit with both unrivalled accuracy and reliability plus the provision of a cutting edge real-time system’’.

APEX will supersede STATSports current Viper product and will be worn in the NFL, NBA, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Six Nations and many more of the world’s leading sporting competitions. It is a product update driven by and designed around client feedback and is part of STATSports’ commitment to deliver the most accurate player performance data in real-time.

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