STATSports Sonra Live – How Live Data Monitoring Has Become Crucial In Team Sports

STATSports Sonra Live – How Live Data Monitoring Has Become Crucial In Team Sports

In the world of sport, data-driven insights have become increasingly crucial for improving performance both during training and competition.

Real-time player tracking using live data has proven to be a game-changer, offering valuable information on player movements, physical exertion, and tactical patterns.

One standout application in this arena is the STATSports Sonra Live iPad app, which provides coaches and athletes with unparalleled advantages to enhance team performance and individual development.

In this blog, we’ll explore the transformative impact of live data in field sports and the exceptional benefits offered by the STATSports Sonra Live app, helping teams and athletes reach new levels of success on and off the field. 

Sonra Live allows coaches to monitor training load during team sessions in real-time. Sonra Live includes team-level reporting, detailed individual-player dashboards, drill cutting for precise session analysis, Ball In Play monitoring, drill and player comparisons, instant drill intensity indication, post session reporting via PDF/CSV and synchronisation to desktop features for further analysis.  

In previous years, coaches would use this technology merely to hold back athletes, fearing potential injuries and overexertion.

Instead, modern sports science has embraced wearable tracking data as a powerful tool to drive intensity and optimize performance.

With real-time insights into players’ movements, speed, and workloads, coaches can make informed decisions that push the boundaries of training without compromising player well-being.

By carefully analyzing the live data, athletes can be challenged to reach their peak potential, ensuring they train at optimal levels while minimizing the risk of injuries.

This shift in approach has not only redefined the way load monitoring is perceived but has also opened up new possibilities for athletes to unlock their true capabilities on the field. 

Individualised Player Monitoring 

Sonra Live allows users to monitor players on an individual basis through % Max Speed exposures, Time in Redzone spent and % Max HR reached during drills or sessions alongside individualised session targets or thresholds for up to 16 different session types per player. 

Individualized monitoring presents a myriad of benefits when it comes to optimizing performance in sports.

By tailoring training programs to the unique characteristics of each athlete, coaches can target specific requirements for that player, leading to more efficient and effective workouts.

This personalized approach ensures that athletes train at the right intensity and volume, maximizing the potential for growth and improvement whilst decreasing the risk of burnout and injury.

Real-time tracking and analysis of performance data allows for immediate adjustments to sessions, enabling athletes to adapt and progress continuously.

Furthermore, individualized monitoring fosters a stronger coach-athlete relationship, as athletes feel understood and supported on their journey towards peak performance. Ultimately, this tailored approach to monitoring empowers athletes to reach their full potential, achieving unprecedented levels of success in their respective fields.

Drill Intensity Monitoring

Drill Intensity can be described in many different ways and is somewhat subjective to the coach and team based on the aim of the drill itself.

Sonra Live offers various methods of understanding the intensity of each drill. The Drill Intensity scale is a simplistic approach to compare per min metrics of players in each drill to another drill.

Simply select the metric you want to use (Distance, HMLD or HSR) and your meter per min metric and chose the zone values to assign for each.

This simply takes the average of all players selected metric values and compares it to the custom scale set above.

The drill is assigned a coloured icon according to the average value for the desired metric, with colour bands ranging from very low to very high (blue to red).

Further context can be added to drills in Sonra Live with the Ball in Play (BIP) feature. This is a simply an on/off toggle that enables users to determine time spent with the ball in play.

BIP can be used to assess if the drill or session is meeting its goals, be it sufficient exposure to playing time or too much time with coach interaction/ play stopped.

It can also help replicate game intensity by understanding how much time spent with BIP and replicating these intensities to prepare players for competition.

Drills are displayed with the % time of BIP for each drill along with a total time of session where the ball was in play at the top of the application beside the BIP toggle.

Drills can be analysed in different views based on the user’s needs. For example, users can multiselect up to 5 drills in order to get a view of the total load and intensity of these drills eliminating dead time across all metrics.

This can be particularly useful in scenarios where a session includes multiple sets of the same drill, such as small-sided games, allowing coaches to identify the total physiological output achieved from a particular training modality.

Team level analysis of drill output for all metrics can be conducted with the Drill Comparison table, using squad average, squad sum, player group (position) or individual.

Individual player insights across all completed drills can be displayed instantly with the selected metric. More info on these data views can be found here.

Post Session

Post session, all data and above data views can remain available and can be analysed in further detail until a new session is started on Sonra Live.

This can allow coaches to further discuss the session immediately after it occurred or ahead of the next session, understanding certain elements they may need to adjust for the session or certain players.

Data can also be published immediately to a PDF report and shared with coaches and other stakeholders immediately post session (read more here).

With Sonra’s 2-way sync, user created drills can be sent back to Sonra Desktop. This will also include BIP times across the entire session.